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Don’t Freeze !

written by Khawla Tahri 11 July 2017
Don’t Freeze !

If you are alone suffering in silence. Don’t Freeze ! Seek help and support and do not go through it alone!

Dont be afraid of shame! Think only about yourself. You deserve to feel better.
In case of stress, there is the known “fight or flight” response to it. I suppose you already heard of it. Guess what, there is a third “F”. Actually the human body and psyche has three responses to the stress, Fight.,Flight and… wait for it … “Freeze”.

Yes, freezing on your situation is a response.

Not making a decision is”MAKING A DECISION” !
It is deciding to not do anything and wait for a magical baguet to change the situation.
It is the worst decision you can make!
To go out of it, you need to be brave and talk face to face to yourself.
You need a mature discussion with yourself to think about where do your fears to act come from ?
Knowing the source of the issue is a big step to the solution.
Take that step and talk with a high voice that can be heard by yourself first !

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