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Daily self talk .. Why not?

written by Khawla Tahri 20 March 2018
Daily self talk .. Why not?

It is raining today and a bit cold, I feel bored I hope my orange tea can warm me up. I’ m trying theses days to relax and to explore more my innerself. It happens a lot that i get stuck in doing a lot of things and forgetting to listen to me. I feel it is time now to get back to me and commit to myself and love it much more than I do now. I’m scheduling a daily self talk .. why not? It is a kind of meditation, I don’t know what is the stucture of the talk but I will keep it free so I can explore as much as I can. I think I will be using the mind mapping method that worked for me in multiple cases. I may talk about it in details in future posts or videos. The weather is still cold, cold enough to let my tea be the best thing I can drink and enjoy now 🙂

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