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Yes I will

written by Khawla Tahri 21 September 2017
Yes I will

Well, a new Islamic year is coming so soon, I’m not like planning to change my life on it or something but I think I have some plans. Next year is gonna be so challenging for me. I’m putting myself out of my confort zone. Things are pushing me to go ahead, it is not only my own choice. Those things are not necessarily good in their appearance. I’m kind of person who love the challenge. Sometimes I  wanna be a powerful woman and sometimes I feel like I’m a powerful woman and others times I’m a real powerful woman because it is the last option left for me. Things can slap your face to be awake. You need to take action immediately before the next hit come. It will keep slapping until you understand the lesson.
This is not like a very positive message I’m telling here, but I wanna remind myself that life is not constant because the only continuous wave means death.
Life it is ups and down. The hard moments are a good opportunity to renew our souls and let us know more about ourselves and what we are capable of.
I hope that the next year will come with deep changes to the next level in my life. No matter what, I will keep moving.

Yes, I will.

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