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I’m Waking up early !

written by Khawla Tahri 8 August 2017
I’m Waking up early !


Waking up early is not one of my habits, this is the first time I attempt it. Well, it is a daunting task at first, then I started feeling at ease, not pressed at all, doing my things slowly and feeling happy. I started realising what “Every morning is a beautiful morning.” means.
Not everyone can take advantage of this happiness, I will say that only early people are concerned, just like me :D. Yes, I know this is my first time here, haha, who cares, I belong to them :D.
What I really appreciated is I can drink my cofee on my rhythm like in holidays, on the beach. You may not believe me, but this is what I really felt. I may not miss any morning going forward.

I took it so slow that I left a lot of things to the last minute, but it is not a big deal, tomorrow I will be more organized.

Have a nice day every one!


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