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Where is my vacation ?

written by Khawla Tahri 28 July 2017
Where is my vacation ?

Sometimes, when you have just decided to gave up, something take you up.
Who knows how much time this took, but at least I feel good now. Good enough to get back to writing; It looks like I’m now enjoying writing only when I feel good. I’m just a normal girl, very ordinary not having any thing special or different that what a human being may have but I feel special and every one should feel the same. We are all special but in somehow we are very different the one than the other;
Well, this is not a motivation post or something, but it is a getting back to writing post :p .I’m talking like it is the first time I’m dropping off writing. Well, being busy is my all time excuse; Let ‘s face it, I dont like to write every single day, but once I like to do it, I really enjoy it; I don’t want to write only to share it with people but I like to share with you when I do it 🙂 Lets keep it simple.
I don’t have mush news apart from waiting for my holiday to came. I will be the last person ever going on holiday this summer :D, I will let you know once started; I have to wait two more weeks 🙁 Any one here did not went on holiday yet ? Please reassure me!

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