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Time for Change …

written by Khawla Tahri 24 April 2018
Time for Change …

Well, all I want now is to feel alive and healthy..so in touch with my inner peace…I don’t really care about how much I want this life.. but how much I’m enjoying and being who I’m..
Things are changing.. not only my carrer, how l’m scheduling my time, what kind of goals l want to reach.. but my inside me.. I’m daily talking to me and seeking the truth..A real truth..not one heard or catched from an unreal, injustice source of information..
The way l took is not at all easy.. but it is the way I feel I’m in peace in my own skin..
I raliazed since short time that l can never be a good person to anyone while I’m not good to myself..
So, my project in the coming months is to put all the great efforts to change anything bothering me..and have my own issues resolved..

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