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I have never thought Candy Crush would be that inspiring!!

written by Khawla Tahri 24 March 2018
I have never thought Candy Crush would be that inspiring!!

Sometimes you reach an advanced level of a game and something just crash .that prevent you from playing so you close it in order to open it back later.. and what a surprise.. back to level zero.. Fortunately this is a game now.. but what happens if this is a  different thing that is so important for you? Would you get back to the action after loosing all sort of results and achievements ?.. This is not going to be easy at all. You must be so stick to what you want in order to get it done every time things go wrong.. The life is just like that in order to keep moving you should build that capability to get your soul fixed and get back your desire to life and to reach your goals that keeps evolving. Per experience I remember very well every moment where I reached a new level of me. I still remember the emotional and physical pain I went through it just before a miracle happens so I get every pain healed and I become no more sensitive to that kind of difficulty. Yes, we all come through things like that but why sometimes we loose the trust that we were always having ?? Sound weird .. I remember as well the moments when I gave up.. and stopped fighting the anger, the sadness, the fear, the laziness .. I just accepted to loose.. I lost the trust of having a chance. I know very well now that I had a chance in every thing I wanted but I just put it down tired.. I don’t regret any of these experiences because this let me be the person I’m now. I’m grateful and proud 🙂 This is just thought comes to me this night while playing candy crush I have never thought it would be that inspiring haha. Have sweet night everyone 🙂

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