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Jump or Give up

written by Khawla Tahri 19 April 2018
Jump or Give up

I’m crossing a challenging period… I feel so pressed… a lot to do.. tired physically… I’m not really bothered but I need more strength.. I know this is going to be stable in sometime .. I’m getting closer to my limits.. I’m about to jum a bridge.. It is not easy..

I have tow options : Jump or Give up

I would prefer to jump.. but I need to be psychologically strong..
I bought Paulo Choello book yesterday.. the fifth mountain.. Yup I feet in love with it already. I really feel like this is my fifth mountain to cross..or my fith bridge to jum.. this is the largest one.
I’m trying to steal time for the book from my busy schedule.. It will help me in somehow.. I ‘m pretty sure…
I leave you here now.. Stay blessed…

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Cad 19 April 2018 - 13 h 51 min

You’re surrounded by people who believe in you.
One reason to be motivated to go beyond your limits.

Khawla Tahri 19 April 2018 - 15 h 03 min

Yup totally agree with you my friend… I have no excuse :p


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