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The storm is not going anywhere!!!!!

written by Khawla Tahri 26 April 2018
The storm is not going anywhere!!!!!

One of the most dangerous things that we may not be aware of is the distance we are making with everything around us.. just virtual barriers .. blocking thoughts… stones …
This is in most cases a brain order to prevent us from being in danger.. so fear is involved.. heart beating.. stress… panic… and sometimes freezing…

Okay.. this is an issue that is clearly need to be resolved..
You may be surprised by the following… but I don’t think this is an issue at all..
Let me tell you… I don’t see it an issue because our minds used to function this way since thousands of years ago..So we developed this technique to prevent our selves from doing any action that could physically hurt us.. So the mind lounch the system alert to be ready to act.. to run.. even to fly… Okay this sounds logic..
What is not logic..is that this becomes an obstacle to do the action required.. so we stop.. hide.. feel anxious and even die mentally untill we delelop another barrear to feel in peace with all of this …
You read it right.. you are not mistaken.. DIE mentally…

See where I see the issue.. is to feel like this is not an issue and no action is required.. just stop everything.. let the storm go… hide…
The storm is not going anywhere!!!!!
It is there ..It will be there.. don’t expect it to go .. You need to move and GO… to face the fear and keeping going..
There is a bunch of chances you missed just because you were there hiding.. while another who felt fear just like you did.. but choosed to face it and get the award..

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