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Self Development Live this Week

written by Khawla Tahri 9 April 2018
Self Development Live this Week



Sunday, very busy compared to what Sunday should looks like.. I was taking my time relaxing at home, drinking Arabic coffee in my Spanish mug :p exactly from Seville, a place full of history that is part of me.. part of Andalusia.. Well a lot of inspiration flowing here, with the healthy dried figs  that I become addicted to.

Laying on bed,.. with my work  laptop in front of me, thinking about last week experience that I loved really,.. I have one week since I went live in English Finally group, and really I was so impressed by the people very welcoming and respectful..

So I’m thinking here about investing more time on this space.. I had really an idea so I went live yesterday in the English Finally group to express it ..

So basically it is  a weekly live schedule. From Monday to Friday at 9:15 PM UK time.

This is not only my idea, but a request from a lot of members for me to have a schedule so they can be ready.

Another reason, is that this really would help people to be more active and prepare before joining my call. So everyone could be there without feeling shy or anxious.

As I really noticed  many people would love to join but they feel not ready and they hope they could be prepare before. Another  reason  is that this will encourage people to do some researches and learn new vocabularies by their own.

So, you may think what would be my benefit from this experience.

For sure this will be so beneficial because I found this experience so important to boost my self-confidence and to help me to socialize more and why not be someday a public speaker.

Another benefit  is that I will get inspired from your ideas to write a daily article that will resume what we have discussed so I can improve as well my writing skills.

I will follow every live video with an article that I will share the link for it in the same video post.

I would appreciate if you correct any mistakes I do and leave me your comments so it will be beneficial to everyone and why not a resource where people can come to it from time to time to review..

As I said above, I went like yesterday in the group to talk about this. If you are not part of it and would like to join, please send a request to English Finally and be part of our journey. I will make sure to accept all of your request.

I have these topics for the next week:
Development Topics:

Day1: Self Understanding

Day2: Career / Interview

Day3: Motivation

Day4: Communication (Listening, Public Speaking, Presenting)

Day5: Optimism / Positivity / Happiness

I hope you will enjoy the experience 😉

Yesterday Video Live link 


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