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My devil side is not trustworthy..

written by Khawla Tahri 18 April 2018
My devil side is not trustworthy..

Water… waves … sand .. soft light … a giant ship … lovely breeze and me… and another me ..
I lost my words to describe the beautiful nature surrounding me.. A walk of new minutes can give me back my soul…

Yup, I feel alive after a very long hard working day.
All I want now is jut peace. I want to enjoy every moment I’m living… Could this be possible?
I’m not really able to answer this question. How can we move to a different level.. without getting through windy dark waves from time to time ??
Well, I rarely get what I want without feeling sad or confused.. So it is better to learn how to deal with the issues rather than giving up even before they happend because they might happend..
What if I’m tired now, how can I get any reserve energy ?
I don’t really know .. I would better take some rest..
What if I enjoy the rest and don’t like to get back to fight.
Oh.. why already I fight?
This is not a real fight.. but a psychological fight.. against my fear, my laziness, my procrastination…
It looks like I’m getting closer to an answer .. I should be strong enough to take rest.. to take a choice to trust my devil side.
Okay, but I did it already.. but my devil side is not trustworthy..
Sould I just stop this endless thought driving discussion.?
I will stop here tonight I’m already tired enough to go to sleep..
Have great night every one.. Don’t hesitate to leave me your feedback tell me how often you talk to yourself ? and have you been ever in argument with you?


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Cad 18 April 2018 - 0 h 58 min

Our mind is where tbe real battlefield lies. Our strongest enemy is ourselves. This is a war that has to be dealt with continuously. My thoughts. Thanks for the article.????

Khawla Tahri 18 April 2018 - 7 h 51 min

You are right.. it is even a war not just a fight… we need to be ready and have needed equipment to win.. mine is reading and writing my thoughts…


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