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Now what happened?

written by Khawla Tahri 19 March 2018
Now what happened?
  • Since a few months ago I did not write.. How come? What is that important thing that took me out of my hobby. I used to write anytime anywhere not limited by any boundaries. Now what happened? Well trust me I don’t know either.. It seems to be just I’m running out of motivation. The weather is so great that not only gave me a sensation of ease and happiness but brought me here to write again. There is so much things happening in my life now. I’m as usual planning to do a lot of things and now what I really want is to paint ???? . Why not I love this activity so much so let me see if I will keep enjoying it. To be honest, it feels weird for me now to write ohh.. yes it feels weird.. I shouldn’t have stop writing for any reason.. I will keep this post short and will come back soon with some joyful news.

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