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I want to make a difference

written by Khawla Tahri 28 March 2018
I want to make a difference

There is nothing meaningful for me more than making a difference in the world at this point of my life where I’m actually still looking for the big goal or the main role of my existence that I’m here for it. Okey, sounds good.. but for real how can I make my life goal happening, the thing making my existance valuable. Well easy talk.. I know but I beleive that it is easy to make it. I’m not pretending to make it easy as really it is.

The big thing that is making me angry all the time is to see the unjustice, the ignorance and see things going to the wrong way… I’m really not able to change all of that in the world or  hoping to do so but I’m taking my part of responsability. My part is to raise my voice and my actions and change myself first as at some level I’m part of the system.

I ‘m part of the silence, the laziness, the procastination, the fear… I’m now in position to do my part of the job.. I’m not more concious than before but there is one difference now is that I’m tired of being passive and hopless at some point, quite.. and by not acting giving affirmation that I’m okey and agreed with the current status.

Theall time excuse I have is being busy doing staff. I know very well that this is not true, this is only for releasing stress of thinking about it for a while.. As a first step I decide to take responsability of controlling my time this year.

I define my resolutions for 2018 and I’m engaging my self to accomplish it by 31/12/2018. Here is the list:
– Take care of my health by following a healthy diet  and doing a sport activity
– Entering a paint course as this is my childhood passion I love to ge back to it.
– Be more Active in society by doing volunteer work
– Raise my voice up by talking, writing etc…
– Find for myself a job that I love so I can feel every minute I’m spending is going to the right  place
– Learn more languages
I was not too specific in term of description but I want give myself a bit of freedom unless the main goal is reached. I leave you here now so I can go back to create the world I dreaming about.

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Yousif 3 April 2018 - 21 h 38 min

Wow, Great article!

I love the way of your writing. You write what your heart says. I laughed when I read some sentences, because you wrote them simultaneously.

I believe that you be a famous girl in the near future. Keep writing my dear.

I wish you all the best.

Khawla Tahri 5 April 2018 - 20 h 10 min

Thank you very much for reading !
Thank you for your wishes as well 🙂


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