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My vibes

written by Khawla Tahri 18 June 2017
My vibes

Burning lights under my sight,
Sweet breeze, caressing my cheeks,
Loughts and Bird’s chirp,
Joy of heart
Getting back to Art

Here is me enjoying Tunisian mint tea, a couple weeks ago. I miss going out in the evening. I really do. I think I should get back to my lovely habits at list in this last week in Ramadan.
All my pace has changed – I’m sleeping less and eating much more; But the good news here is that I have not gained weight haha..
I spend most of the time before breaking fast learning and trying new dishes. Yeah, who can beleive it ! I’m enjoying cooking !! All my family members are impressed by my progress and my learning speed.
Well, I didn’t really beleive that they really like what I cook until they asked me to prepare the dinner for our invitees ! And Yess, I did 😉
Well, I was nervous a bit, of course I did all the very successfull plats of the last days, and it works 😀 every one likes it ^_^
I think I will do my best to learn more new dishes in the coming days.
Oh no, not very soon, let’s go out and enjoy the last days in Ramadan and celebrate my new skill.




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