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The last day before Ramadan ^_^

written by Khawla Tahri 26 May 2017
The last day before Ramadan ^_^

Ramadan, the month of peace, joy and good vibes is about to come! Only few hours remaining.  During this month, everything changes in my life, I become cable to change my routine, to get up without thinking about coffee ! You know already how much I love it ! No matter how much I drink, I can’t have enough !
Another life rythme come with it. Nights become days …
During this month I get remembered how much I’m capable of changing in my life. Starting from when to eat , when to seep, what to do and so on ..
This is nice and beautifiul occation to find peace and clean my mind from any negativity.

lI started challenging myself since three months to reach a high quality level of healthy and harmonic life.
I quit my coffee and replaced it with verbena or tea to help in loosing weight and to fell less anxious. It becomes a new habits for me to drink tea in the morning althought it is not one of the tunisian culture. We do drink them, but not at all in the morning.
It looks very strange to people, when someone came into my desk in the morning and see me drinking it, I see the surprise on their faces, they don’t have to tell a word.

In every single day I prevent myself from eating a such thing like coffee here, my experieces in the previous Ramadan’s was a key factor to help me to do so by reminding me of my ability to control my desires. You don’t know what you are capable of until it is your only one choice.
I’m sure that the effect of Ramadan’s on my health and my spirit will be far better than the previous three months.
I hope that it will bring peace and happiness to all of muslim around the globe. Happy Ramadan every one !


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