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Free Your Mind and your feeling will follow

written by Khawla Tahri 7 May 2015

Feelings are transparent, they reflect the deep status of our thoughts. We know all that we feel with our hearts. So what is the role of mind in our feeling freedom ?
We have different ways of feelings, joy, fear , acceptance, sadness ,surprise, anger,disgust, and anticipation , etc…
They can be produced after an interaction between the outside world and our soul and body. So emotions don’t just appear mysteriously out of nowhere.
The freedom of feeling can be reach by controlling them. This doesn’t mean ignoring them. it means taking full responsibility for them.
The role of mind here is to analyze what was going on when the emotion appeared.
Then, It converts spontaneous feeling to an aware action.
To reach that level of awareness and self control, you should analyse every message coming to your mind that can be an act, a souvenir, a word or even a thought.
Easy to say, hard to do. But lets relax a moment, then take a deep breath. Concentrate only on your breathing. try to not think about anything.
After a minute or two, you’ll find the breath has become slower and smoother, and it unfolds from a deeper place in the body with less effort.
Breath again and again .. how many idea was coming to your head  ?
Did u were aware during the start of your thoughts or after their infiltration ?
To control your mind you should be mindful about every thoughts, every exterior or interior messsages.
The concentration exercices like Yoga, doing sport and brain games are very helpful to refrech you mind.
Control of your mind, your feeling will follow.

Thank you for reading me.
khawla tahri

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hemza 5 May 2015 - 21 h 12 min

i like it. but Sometimes I don’t even understand myself.

khawla tahri 5 May 2015 - 22 h 34 min

Definitely you are not alone in this torment, self understanding is not an achievable “thing”, but a process, just like life is a process, because we are changing constantly.
But knowing exactly what bothering you will allow you to take the first step to know deeply yourself.

Dilawar Khan 5 May 2015 - 22 h 41 min

I liked it because its your attempt to write your internal feeling and we will get benefits of i. Thank you and keep writing

khawla tahri 5 May 2015 - 23 h 08 min

Thanks so much for taking the time to write this comment, I’m so greatful for your lovely words.


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