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Are you in true love ?

written by Khawla Tahri 28 April 2015

Welcome every body in my blog ! Sorry about my absence last days, i was so busy.
Are you ready to know what is true love ? Fasten your belt ! Here we go !
From our born to our death we live with love. It is obvious to listen or say this words everyday “i love you, You are all for me, I cant live without you, etc…”. We say the same words but each person has his own experience of love.

How  we can know if our love is true or not ?
The love is pure and it has no reason. We just love and accept our beloved like she/he is. We dont want to change her/him, we feel she/he is unique.
True love opens your eyes to bad and good things in your partner and you accept all of her/him. The others feelings like infatuation turn you to blind in love, you only see perfectness in your partner.

The obvious factor that differs true love than infatuation  is that it makes your life better. It gives you happiness, and progress, it makes you feel mature. Infatuation and lust may give you strong energy at first but it disturb your hole life, you focus only on that person like it is the center of life.

Infatuation may gives you a desire to control the life of your partner each moments and each seconds even to strangle her/him without awareness . But in true love you give a space to your partner to care about her/him family, friends, hobbies, etc … and to help her/him to progress in life and to reach success togethers.

Distance can be good exam to your feeling! In true love it amplify your emotions, but in infatuation case your feelings becomes cold and you may feel your partner strange for you a little bit.
Each person has his own experience wich is unique you are the one person to know if you are in real love or not.

Thank you for reading me.

Khawla Tahri

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Umar Khitab 7 April 2018 - 2 h 26 min

Great Article on Love….!!!

Khawla Tahri 7 April 2018 - 15 h 08 min

Thank you 🙂


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