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How to Make Your Dreams Come True – Quick Advice

written by Khawla Tahri 23 March 2015


Dreams !!

Youppy , every person in the world have his own dreams .Me too i have many dreams, goals, and aspirations. I realized some of them, and i’m doing my best to make the rest of them come true.
Here’s how to turn your fantasies into reality!
The first thing to do is to choose your dreams ! obviously ! But you should make sure to not choose an impossible one. The main reason for choosing an easy dream is to avoid the letdown. So why not to divide your big dream into little easy dreams. With this way, you can achieve step by step your goals. The second thing to do is to practise. Yes ! go on ! begin by doing a little thing, then another little thing! It is ok !
You are moving little by little to your dream! After some achievement of little goals, you will get a stock of motivation wich can push you ahead. You will get a hole big part of your dream happen !
The last thing to do is, simply ! Never told any person about your dream! This is for an only one reason, the persons around you, even the nearest ones, may have some bad experiences about achieving their dreams! they can told you how much your dream is impossible! Then your motivation may come down ! So be aware !
I hope that my quick advices will help you to achieve your dreams. If you like them dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel to get my new videos!

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Solomon 24 March 2015 - 8 h 50 min

Good Advice,u are Brave. I Will Do Everything Possible To Reach My Goal, I Promice.

Kaw LA 25 March 2015 - 7 h 18 min

Thank you for your comment ! I hope this will be helpful, don’t hesitate to share your dreams stories and experiences with us


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